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Open, View and Extract your Phone Backup Data
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PhoneMiner lets you to extract, view and export the data from your phone backup files, allowing you to retrieve previously inaccessible data.

View your Contacts (Address book), SMS messages, Photos, Video and Music.

PhoneMiner also allows you to convert and export your phone data to a range of popular file formats, allowing you to import your information to other applications.

  • Sony Ericsson (.DBK Files)
  • BlackBerry (.BBB and .IPD Files)
  • Apple iPhone
Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP

DBK File Information

Files with the extension of .DBK (Database Backup File) are specific to both Sony and Sony Ericsson phones. These .DBK files are created with either Sony's "PC Companion" or Sony Ericsson's "Sony Ericsson PC Suite" software. These applications serve many purposes (such as synchronization of data to a computer) but are most commonly used for creating backups of a device's data, placing it within a single compressed backup container file on the user's computer.

These backup files can contain many different types of data, such as an address book, messages, tasks, bookmarks - in fact, almost anything that is stored on the phone's memory card (including music, pictures and video data). The default location for these backups to be saved is in the user's "Documents" folder. As these files have been compressed and stored in a single file, separate software is required to access the data within.

How to backup your Sony or Sony Ericsson phone

Before creating a backup of the device's data, the latest version of Sony's "PC Companion" or "Sony Ericsson PC Suite" should be acquired. The latest version is available for free from the official Sony Mobile website. After installation, the Connection Wizard can be used in order to safely connect the device to the computer.

Once the phone has been connected, backing up any personal data (Address book, Messages, Calendar, Photos etc) is started by simply choosing a destination folder for the backup file and clicking the backup button from the menu. A .DBK file will then be created containing all databases selected.

How to access your Sony Ericsson backup

Restoring personal data from a .DBK backup to a Sony Xperia or Sony Ericsson phone is a fairly simple process, provided you have the original device to hand. Once the phone is connected to the PC, the data stored within the .DBK file is again restored by using the Sony "PC Companion" software. After locating the backup, the user will be prompted to continue by clicking the Restore button.

As these files were only ever intended for backup/restore purposes, if the original device is lost, broken or replaced by a different device the user can be left with a backup containing personal information they are unable to access.

The only known way to recover a user's personal data within these .DBK backup files is by using Amrak Software's PhoneMiner. This software application allows a user to view their personal information (I.E Contacts/address book) and export the data to other common formats such as XML, CSV, HTML and XLS (Excel).

Sony & Sony Ericsson databases supported by PhoneMiner

Export formats supported by PhoneMiner

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